Hassle-free Master Debit Card

Now its EASY to link both virtual and physical Debit cards to your International checking account and cryptocurrency wallet.

Unified Debit Card Solutions

Link cards globally on one platform, revolutionize your banking experience.

Versatile Debit Card Options

Personal and business cards tailored to your varied financial needs.

Worldwide Accessibility

Bank effortlessly worldwide, access ATMs, pay bills with ease.

Digital Payment Integration

Seamless digital payment integration for smooth, secure transactions globally.

Bluechip Master Debit virtual card for global resident and business

When your KYC is approved, you can select your International Checking account and link your Debit virtual card to this account in under a minute.

Easy to add physical Master Debit card

Easily apply for a physical Master Debit card in just 5 minutes. Simply provide your address and set personalized spending limits. Receive the card by mail for a hassle-free experience.

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Hassle-free for payments globally

Enjoy a seamless and secure payment experience worldwide with your Bluechip Debit card. Make transactions hassle-free and experience the convenience of global acceptance.

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Worldwide Cash Back and Rewards

Explore a world of rewards with international cashback offers and VISA platinum benefits. Enjoy exclusive perks and savings wherever you use your card.

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Global Resident
& Business

Bluechip Master Debit card includes both physical and virtual cards that are issued in minutes regardless of which country's passport you have. Bluechip Master Card can provide global businesses with Payroll and Expense cards.


& Regions

Resident and business



Forex exchange takes seconds



Top up limit