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It’s EASY to open an International bank account under your name! Now you can Collect, Send, Spend and Invest globally.

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Bank Accounts

Click and go for your individual or business checking accounts worldwide. Collect and transfer funds using ACH and SWFIT.

Bank Cards

You can apply for Bluechip Master Debit Cards at any time and from any location in just a few minutes.

Crypto Wallet

Create USD and cryptocurrency-linked accounts for individuals and businesses all over the world.

Complete Digital
Banking Services

Experience seamless, round-the-clock banking with our comprehensive digital banking services. Unleash the power of instant transactions, efficient savings management, and real-time analytics - all at your fingertips. Welcome to the future of banking, where convenience, security, and innovation intersect.

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Bluechip Checking Account linked Crypto wallet, For everyone in the world

180+ Countries & Regions

Resident and business

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Intrabank transfer in few minutes

3-5 Business Days

ACH in and ACH out Transfer

1-3 Business Days

Local and International SWIFT Transfer

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Collect, Send, Spend money Globally

ACH, local and international SWIFT supported.

Bluechip Master Card is available in 140+ countries.

Regulated, Safe and Trustable Financial Partner

Global Resident
& Business

Bluechip Master Debit card includes both physical and virtual cards that are issued in minutes regardless of which country's passport you have. Bluechip Master Card can provide global businesses with Payroll and Expense cards.


& Regions

Resident and business



Forex exchange takes seconds



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